Dear Parents,

Online classes
We have opened our e-learning classes through the EDMODO PLATFORM, members of staff, parents and students’ participation so far is pretty impressive. We are rendering these services at no cost to parent on the impression that the lockdown will not go beyond May 2020 but if it does, we shall be forced to apportion subsequent costs to parents.
 Resumption of all students (Day & Boarders) for 3rd term academic session date will be communicated through various classes whatsapp group and the school’s website whenever authorities give approval.
 Healthy medical status MUST be submitted by all student before acceptance into the school premises ( This form will be forwarded to parents on or before resumption)
 No entry into the school premises without non-medical face mask all the time
 All stakeholders will be temperature checked before entry into the school premises
 Additional running tap will be provided outside the school premises
 All students MUST wash their hands with water and soap outside the school gate under supervision by the school nurse and designated officials
 All students MUST carry hand sanitizers on a daily basis into the school for their personal usage.
 All forms of gathering that may compromise NCDC regulation on social distancing will be suspended upon resumption until further notice.
 Educative Charts on health safety and preventive measures on covid-19 will be displayed in all strategic but conspicuous area in both inside and outside the school premises.
 Weekly fumigation of all Classrooms and compound will henceforth be in place.
 Additional classes will be provided where applicable in order to achieve our two meters space between students objective.
 No visitor will be allowed into the school premises throughout the 3rd term, all inquiries should be made online and will be promptly attended to.
 Suspension of the pickup/drop off zone and administrative office for 3rd term, all staff in the department will be drafted to complement the academic staff strength being an identified ‘cluster area’ by parents, students and staff in the school premises.
 Suspension of sports and dining in the canteen , students will be served and cater for in their classrooms under the supervision of their teachers
 Wash your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds regularly.
 Use hands sanitizer whenever you touch any objects.
 Avoid all forms of gatherings irrespective of the number of people present.
 No shaking, No hugging
 Don’t touch your Nose, Mouth and Eye with unclean hands.
 Stakeholders using public transport should be extra vigilant and well protected.
We thank all parents for making it happen again, it is our prayer that God will continue to protect and guide us against this COVID-19 pandemic. Bless our parents financially to meet up with all their obligations promptly. Thank you for partnering with Andus, we look forward to welcoming back all our excellent scholars to 3rd term 2019/2020 academic session. STAY SAFE!

We wish our Christians families a belated Easter feast and our Muslim faithful a wonderful Ramadan Kareem in

For more inquiry, please visit the school office or call this number: 08099333304.