DSC_5104While it is rare and great pleasure to report and give stewardship of Andus D’Great Schools, It is most honourable to meet and celebrate with all guests, staff and parents whose hope and aspiration is centered toward their children’s success in life.
At Andus D’Great Schools, we place high premium on our student’s academic and individual development. This Year graduation is historic because the school will be producing her pioneer Nursery II, Grade 5 pupils as well as Junior Secondary School students who recently sat for the Junior West Africa Examination Council. We are highly optimistic of excellent outcome from our students considering ADGS academics hallmark. We are therefore highly confident that our students will do us proud when the junior WAEC result is eventually released later in the year.
I enjoin all students most especially the graduating classes to be grateful to their parents, teachers and colleagues who have one way or the other helped bring you this threshold of life. I sincerely hope your solid foundations will be put into use in your next level and always remember that ‘’Once an ANDUS, always an ANDUS’’.
The year under review saw various positive events and happenings that inspired, taught and touches us positively, we strived to sustain the entire quality academic standard set for ourselves from the beginning of the session. It is also worthy to note that the school did not record any errant behavior from any of our inquisitive students rather, all we witnessed during the year was excellent and improved students academic achievements while today’s occasion is a testimony to celebration of success and accomplishment of a solid foundation, it is also an avenue to acknowledge the sacrifice of ANDUS PARENTAL BODY for their financial commitments till date.
We have been greatly heartened by the results of the recently concluded parental questionnaire which showed a quite outstanding level of satisfaction from you parents to the school authority, we shall strengthen our parental questionnaire in future having assisted us to formulate existing strategy for the school in meeting your minimum expectations.
The year was not without some pockets of surmountable challenges but fortunately your invaluable suggestions during the last Parent Teacher Interactive Forum (PTIF) will be followed to the letter to address all identified shortcoming and guide against future occurrence.
Needless should I start praising the efforts of the school experienced and dedicated staff under the leadership of Mrs. Adejoke Senbore since student’s academic performance already speaks volume. However, it’s worthy to note that ANDUS parade highly professional and dedicated staff with NCE holder as the minimum qualification for our Nursery and Primary classes while our College classes are staffed with degree holders.
I am also pleased to announce that the school fees for upcoming session will remain unchanged while the existing incentives remain same. However, there will be strict enforcement on student to wear their complete uniform within the school premises in the coming session as agreed during the recently concluded PTIF so as to maintain already established standard of the school.
I must sincerely thank all stake holders for their unrelenting supports, suggestions and for the students, please note that your success and achievement here will be a tremendous foundation for the next stage of your life. I wish every one a fulfilling life.
Dear parents, lets enjoy our kings and queens ANDUS TALENTS without any further delay.
Thanks and God bless.